Assorted Red snow crab shell

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- Red snow crab grew up in Uchimi · Toyama Bay.
- Crabs in Toyama Bay are rich in nutrient-rich water from the Tateyama mountain range into the Toyama bay, deep-sea water is also nutritious, the distance from the fishing port to the fishing ground has been nearly so it put on sale on shop, because of the ripe squid crab caught in Toyama bay, both "umami" and "sweet taste" are outstanding, and you can eat the fresh and tasty ones.
- What is "Red Snow Crab"?
- Red Snow crab is a deep-sea crab of a different kind from snow crab. The meat has a little moisture, the taste has an elegant sweetness, especially the part called the miso in the shell is very tasty, every one pleased to eat it. Red snow crabs inhabit the deep sea with depths of 800 m to 2,500 m. Lean is strong throughout the shell, and males are characterized by long feet. The red snow crab fish caught in Toyama bay grows with high quality water flowing from the northern Alps where the mountains of 3,000 m class continues, plentiful plankton, so its taste is exceptional.
It was the fishery of the Uozu fishery cooperative in Toyama Prefecture that developed a method to catch red crabs crab living in deep water depths of 800 m or more using Kagonawa. Since Toyama prefecture is close to a fishing ground which is deeper than 800 meters deep, fresh scarlet crabs can be boiled immediately after being landing, and the taste of fresh crimson crabs is lasting longer.
- As it is after thawing, even if you cook the shells deliciously served. If you put egg on crab miso more taste improves. After having finished all the sauce put sake in the shell and after eating, pour sake into the shell and into the shellfish.

Product Details
- Contents: 1000 g (100 g × 10 pieces)
- Expiration date: 180 days in frozen state ※ After thawing, please ingest as soon as possible.
- Sales period / number of sales: whole year
- Raw material name · Production area: Red crater crab (from Toyama), crab miso (from Toyama)
- Allergic display (specified raw materials): None
- delivery form: cool frozen stool frozen state