About us

OKUDAYA in Toyama-shi, Toyama, Japan


We are long-established fresh fish store / catered restaurant


Started in the Edo period


Our store continued delivering fresh seafood in Toyama prefecture of Japan, thank you for more than 150 years.


We are everyday put our heart and soul into making fresh fish which stocked early in the morning.


Toyama prefecture is 250 kilometers northwest of Tokyo, it is in the center of Japan, and the gateway to the Sea of Japan. The rich mountains of 3000 meters of the North Alps are surrounded by the three sides, it is blessed with rich nature facing the deep sea, and you can enjoy magnificent landscape and tasty food (for example, Japan's most famous sashimi and sushi) at the same time. Toyama Bay joins "the most beautiful bay club in the world" on October 18, 2014 and is called "Mysterious sea Toyama bay".


Also, because the distance between the fishing ground and the harbor is short (because you can fish at a location close to the fishing port, you can supply fresh fish to the market immediately), it is also called "natural fish preserve". In this treasure trove of seafood, it is landed fresh and fish of both warm current system and cold-water system is acquired. In Toyama Bay, it is said that about 500 species of fish among about 800 species distributed in the Sea of Japan live, 200 of which are landing as edible.


The products that sticks to the seafood of this Toyama bay is a masterpiece of our pride.


Please enjoy our products made from fresh seafood caught in the natural 'Ikesu (fish preserve)'.


1- Seafood carefully selected to professional fish connoisseur of Toyama

2- To pass down the traditional craftsmanship

3- Carefully selected ingredients

4- Secret sauce

5- Own original recipe