A fillet of Cherry salmon(Natural trout/Hon-masu)

通常価格 ¥432

"Product overview
- Fresh Cherry salmon (Hon-masu) caught in spring has a declining catch every year.
- Once used to boast the largest catch in the country, it was also commonly used for sushi in trout. In recent years, aquaculture industry is also thriving in every part of prefecture to use things in Toyama production area. However, natural products have diversified recent consumed for taste or mtimulant effect rather than nourishment or along with upgrading, demand for high-quality products is increasing. Especially in Toyama Prefecture, it is prized as a raw material fish of special product ""Masu Sushi"", and it is an important fishery target species for coastal fishery and inner water fishery.
However, the coastal catch of Cherry salmon by fixed netting and gill nets in Toyama prefecture is less than 50 tons in recent years and fluctuation range is large.
- In addition, the catch of rivers in Toyama prefecture was caught 160 tons or more in the Jin-zu River before the Taisho Period, however in the 1950s catch about 30 tons together with Kurobe River, Jin-zu River and Sho River, but recently alone 1 ton is caught in the Jin-zu River.
In our shop, carefully selected 2 to 4 kg natural Cherry salmon (Hon-masu) which is said to have good grease and good quality. Cherry salmons of this size are also high-grade as well as the goodness of the Himi winter yellowtail, those are said to be rare as the landing is also fewer.

Product Details
- Contents: 1000 g (100 g × 5 pieces × 2 P)
- Expiration date: 180 days in frozen state ※ After thawing, please ingest as soon as possible.
- Sales period / number of sales: whole year
- Raw material name · Production area: Red crater crab (from Toyama), crab miso (from Toyama)
- Allergic display (specified raw materials): None
- delivery form: cool frozen stool frozen state"