Firefly squid with Okitsuke sauce (Salted squid/Soy marinated)

通常価格 ¥173

"Product overview
-Our products are using fresh firefly squid which freshly caught in the morning from Toyama bay.
-At the stage where firefly squid is landing and auction in the fish market, it is in a state of heap in a fish basket. For squid, the overlapping part discolors and color turns white, and if it overlaps, the ice does not touch the one bye one, the freshness falls intensely and the cattle grows. For that reason, we immediately devise a handling method that has been inherited from the founder of freshness preservation by putting firefly squid carefully on a tray immediately after purchase.
-This products is marinated with sticking Toyama product's soy sauce and local sake ""Masu Izumi Junmai"" popular overseas.
-Our firefly squid with Okitsuke sauce are using fresh firefly squid which freshly caught in the morning from Toyama bay. The coldest of Hokuriku and water is clean in January to March only the brewing soy sauce ""Gokkanjikomi Hokuriku"" and the taste of rice are firmly rich ""firefly squid with Okitsuke sauce"" marinated in ""Masu Izumi Junmai"" which has sourness that comes out in front with umami.
A firefly squid from Toyama bay, 99% is said to be a female. Among them, we used only the firefly squid which we are using sashimi freshly caught in the morning by fixed netting. Because of that, the texture and eyes and mouth when eating is also subjecting to under treatment, so you can feel the umami.

Product Details
-Contents: 160g80g×5p
-Expiration date: 180 days in frozen state ※After thawing, please ingest as soon as possible.
-Sales period/Number of sales: Whole year ※Those manufactured at the fishing season 3/1 to early May will end as soon as stocks run out.
-Raw material name/producing area: Firefly squid(Toyama anad Namekawa), Soy sauce(Toyama), Sake(Toyama), Glutinous rice(Domestic), Rice Koji(Domestic), Shochu(Domestic)
-Allergy label(Specific raw material): Shrimp, squid, sesame"