Himi yellowtail/A slice of Himi winter yellowtail

通常価格 ¥519

-A champion of yellowtail in Toyama bay (Natural), Our product are using one of Japan's three major brands of fish "Himi yellowtail/Himi winter yellowtail".
-One of the three major fishes in Toyama prefecture, one of the "Winter Champion of Toyama Bay" natural yellowtail in Toyama bay. Among the first time that it is said that the best fat is good in late autumn-early spring in the highest peak of Toyama bay, we use Himi products that are said to have the highest quality. Among them, the fish caught by the fixed net of Himi fishing port has been nationally high in terms of quality, freshness, etc. It is one of Japan's three major fish brands. Among them, the tradition that has been handed down over five generations since its founding 150 years ago, has also delivered to high-class Japanese restaurants in the metropolitan area, etc. Late 8kg unit-10kg selected ones carefully.
-What is "Himi winter yellowtail"?
-The fish is a migratory fish, it is a fish that can be got throughout the year. The winter yellowtail is about caught in winter. Among them, for the first time in excess of 6 kg which was captured by the stationary net of Toyama bay during the period judged by the Himi fish brand countermeasure council and competed at Himi fishing port. After the catch, it's judged for the size, quantity, shape, etc. of the brush, judge that the real season of Himi's yellowtail season has arrived, and will do "declaration of the Himi winter yellowtail". Last season was announced on November 25, 2008, the period has not been fixed. Also, depending on the season, it may not be declared. After the first declaration of Himi winter yellowtail, each of them was issued a "sale certificate" to prove that it was competed at Himi fishing port, put in a unified blue box, and shipping. When the season of the Himi winter yellowtail has ended, a declaration of termination is issued, and the first time before and after that is shipped as Himi production for the "Himi yellowtail".
- Salt-grilled is better if you enjoy the original flavor after native defrosting. If you enjoy those juicy taste, please enjoy Teriyaki · Saikyo grill.

Product Details
- Contents: 1000 g (100 g × 10 pieces)
- Expiration date: 180 days in frozen state ※ After thawing, please ingest as soon as possible.
- Sales period / number of sales: whole year
- Raw material name · Origin: Tomi Yoshi (Toyama / Himi)
- Allergic display (specified raw materials): None
- delivery form: cool frozen stool frozen state