Japanese glass shrimp /Dried shrimp

通常価格 ¥173

-To the extent that professional fishery is established in the world, the port to be landing is only "Toyama bay".
-At the moment of landing, there is a sense of transparency, the body glows shiny, takes on a pale pink color, and is called "the gem of Toyama bay".
-Perfect for marriage with alcohol.
-Our craftsman visually check each one of large size, carefully selected.
It is also cooked in dried Toyama Bay's Japanese glass shrimp, kakiage soup and so on.

Product Details
-Contents: 100g(20g×5P)
-Expiration date: 180 days in frozen state
-Sales period/Number of sales: Whole year
-Raw material name/producing area: Shiroebi in Toyama bay(Toyama and Iwase)
-Allergy label(Specific raw material): Shrimp
-Delivery form: Cool frozen stool, frozen state