Japanese glass shrimp/Sashimi(Shellfish)

通常価格 ¥260

- As worldwide specialty fishery is established, only "Toyama bay" is lifted
- At the moment of frying, there is a sense of transparency, the body glows shiny, takes on a pale pink color, and is called "the gem of Toyama bay".
-Delicious and scarce product that craftsmen spend time and effort on peel the shell on hands.
- Japanese glass shrimp falls very quickly, once it is dried up after being fished, it is dyed with red iron as a substitute for Sakura shrimp, and until the frozen technology develops, almost all the raw shrimp will not distribution outside the prefecture It was.
A shrimp with a length of 6 to 7 cm, a weight of about 2 g, our craftsman carefully peels off the shell and sashimi. Please enjoy those sweet texture.
- Difference between "hand peeling" and "machine peeling"
There are two kinds of shelled Japanese glass shrimp (sashimi), "Hand peeling" and "Machine peeling". There are a lot of voices that "hand peeling" is better delicious taste rather than "Machine peeling". "Machine peeling" seems to have blurred out the shape of the lunar eclipse because the machine is operated while washing the shells in the water, while peeling the shell.
Also, there are few watery umami and sweetness, mostly Japanese glass shrimp are becoming whitish. Because many shells are turned at once, it is inexpensive. "Hand peeling" is about 1.5 times to 2 times as much as handled, but it is a superb article that you can feel the original umami / sweetness of Japanese glass shrimp as much as it takes time and labor.

Product Details
-Contents: 100g(20g×5P)
-Expiration date: 180 days in frozen state
-Sales period/Number of sales: Whole year
-Raw material name/producing area: Shiroebi in Toyama bay(Toyama and Iwase)
-Allergy label(Specific raw material): Shrimp
-Delivery form: Cool frozen stool, frozen steta