Japanese glass shrimp/whole(With shrimp shell)

通常価格 ¥173

-To the extent that professional fishery is established in the world, the port to be lifted is only "Toyama bay"
-At the moment of landing, there is a sense of transparency, the body glows shiny, takes on a pale pink color, and is called "the gem of Toyama bay".
- Delicious and scarce product that craftsmen spend time and effort on peel the shell on hands.
- In Toyama Bay, the fishing ground and the coast are close to the topography, so do not have to go out to the offshore, so we can land with freshness kept. However, the processing speed after landing is very important for Japanese glass shrimp with fast freshness drop.
In our shop, after sorting the small shrimp at the time of landing the Japanese glass shrimp on the beach directly, in addition, our shop also sorted out, quickly frozen as it is. And theb we will deliver Japanese glass shrimp in figure form.

Product Details
- Contents: 1000 g
- Expiration date: 180 days in frozen state ※ After thawing, please ingest as soon as possible.
- Sales period / number of sales: whole year
- Raw material name · Producing area: Shirobi in Toyama bay (Toyama and Iwase)
- Allergy label (specific raw material): shrimp
- delivery form: cool frozen stool frozen state